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Who are the helpless?

Would you believe that it's been four years since I deigned to sign into this blog and pen any thoughts? It's not that I haven't had moments where I have stopped in an outrageously opinionated moment and thought - I should really start blogging again. Those moments, as often as they occur, have not actually inspired me enough to start writing again. At least not for myself. I write for camp and some days...most days - that's harrowing enough to come up with topics and engaging thoughts.

It's also left a gapping hole because my soap boxes don't get exercised enough - save for foolish moments when I start a political conversation with Jim. I think my mum wishes she could stick her head in a hole when we get going. Ninety percent of the discussions remain civil - not too bad, if you ask me. I can't imagine what kind of family splits happen south of the border with Trump in power. There you're not just talking about legalizing weed or which came first the N…

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